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It was when the world had nothing but chaos, the gods created a sacred land, and named it Ravahla. Ravahlian worshipped their belonging - the stars over the sky. For a millennia, they practiced the power of magic, developed their culture based on the constellations, and built an unfallen kingdom.


Although Ravahla was showered in the blessing of starlight, something lurked in the shadows, gazing upon the world. Infertas, the abandoned god, was seeking against his kind. Infertas bewitched the greedy and foolish Ravahlian, and made them defy their gods. Disappointed and angry, the gods punished their creation with a purge - ripping the lands apart and , shattering it into pieces.


The purge destroyed the seal of Infertas, and released him from thousand years of banishment. Before the gods were able to restore their power from purging, Infertas took over the world with his vicious minions, controlled the people in Ravahla with terror and fear. For ages, Ravahlian no longer bathed in the blessing of starlight, nor could they use the lost power of magic and technology, until -- Moraken, an archaeologist, discovered an ancient artifact -- Stardust Compass. Studying the Stardust Compass revealed its immense power to heal, locked away unable to be set free., This brought new hope to Ravahla.


But for hundred years, no one could unleash the power of the Compass. Not until a teenager, Babbitt, put the artifact on his arms. With Stardust Shards, he summoned an ancient hero - Spica. And so the legend begins…



Customize your group based on your playstyle! The heroes can be recruited on your journey, each of them has an unique ability.

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“Babbitt, a 18 years old youth, earns his living by collecting ores. In an accident, he discovers an artifact: the Moraken Compass. With Stardust Shards, he summons an ancient hero, Spica, to come to his aid.”



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